The overarching experience of Kings Beach Retreats is one of communing with nature. This experience is facilitated by the dynamic fusion of:

  • Spectacular coastal landforms left by departing glaciers in the last ice age
  • Unique coastal flora, fauna and ocean life, ranging from the Bluff to Waitpinga including whales, seals, dolphins, sea eagles, petrels (plus other unique and magnificent animals)
  • The vast Southern Ocean, clear skies and starlit nights
  • Variable weather patterns which provide exhilarating mood changes
The organic architecture, sensitively designed by Ian Hannaford to human scale using local rammed earth and recycled timber from old jetties, creates warm and welcoming spaces (both internal and external).
Through the design of the retreats, attention is cleverly drawn towards the external environment. In addition, the all-weather conservatories make communing with nature a memorable experience in all seasons.
Paintings by Ian’s brother, acclaimed painter and sculptor Robert Hannaford and his talented wife, artist Alison Mitchell, enliven the walls of the retreats and extend the theme of communing with nature.
Many visitors to Kings Beach sense the legacy and spiritual presence of the traditional owners of this special place (the Ramindjeri and Waitpinga/Tungkilla groups). Physical evidence of Aboriginal people’s historical presence is powerfully provided by the ancient fishtrap on Kings Beach. It is likely that the headland was an important intergroup meeting place and ceremonial ground in pre and early colonial times.
Visitors feel the fusion of all of the above, which combine to provide abundant food for the soul.